With the government allowing your internet service provider to sell your web history. It may be a good time to start looking for a good VPN product. A VPN can make surfing on unsecured networks more secure by encrypting all of your traffic on that network and then decrypted it at their server and send it out to the internet from there. So your internet traffic will appear wherever the VPN endpoint is that can be across town, across the country, or in another country. Now you will want to read the agreement you get with any VPN service provider as they too would have the right to sell your internet traffic as well. About a year ago I started using Cloak VPN.

About a year ago I started using Cloak VPN and it has done well by me for the last year. It runs on my Macs and iOS devices. Unlike other VPN’s I have tried it automatically starts up and connects if you are on a untrusted network. Once you trust a network on one device it updates the list on all of your devices. This service also offers a feature called over cloak which blocks all traffic going to and from your device if the network isn’t on your trusted network list and it can’t get to the internet to secure your communication. Overall, Cloak is a good feature but I have found a few times where it caused a problem. Specifically when trying to setup a WeMo light switch and you have to connect to its network so you can configure it to connect to your home network. Since there is no network connectivity on the WeMo network doesn’t have internet access until you connect it to your regular network. The service is currently running 9.99 per month or 99.99 per year. They also offer passes for people who don’t want or need the service all the time starting at 3.99 for a week pass.