iOS SIG is now the App SIG

It Started 10 Years Ago

Can you believe about 10 years ago the iPhone SIG started at The Apple Corps of Dallas? Back then it was all about the revolutionary phone that was a smart phone, an iPod, and a web browsing device. About a year later all of that changed when Apple allowed developers from all walks of life to create for the iPhone and a new era began that has changed how we communicate, commerce, manage our day to day lives, and entertain ourselves. It also opened so many doors because if you had a Mac you could make Apps for the iPhone regardless if you were a big well-known software company or an independent person making something with code for the very first time.

Not long after the iPhone change the world, the iPad debuted and the iPhone SIG became the iOS SIG. At that time it was all about the Apps more than the devices. The Apps changed what the device was and how we used them. It was a delight to turn an iPad into a painting and drawing device and with another App it was a full fledged piano. The Apps also made technology a little less intimidating as tapping, touching, and gestures were not just intuitive, they were Apple intuitive.

It’s About The Apps

iOS began on the success of macOS, the software that makes a Mac perform. Since then Apple has spun off two more operating systems that power the Apple Watch and the Apple TV. The iOS SIG has embraced watchOS and tvOS and often demonstrated what is new and exciting on these devices as well. At this point, the name iOS SIG doesn’t fit in the same fashion that the iPhone SIG name no longer worked 8 years ago.

Each time we meet at The Apple Corps of Dallas we are often talking about the Apps we come across. The ones that help us in our day to day lives, our health, the odd ones, the fun ones. Amongst all these new devices Apple introduces they all have one thing in commons – the Apps. That is why today I have decided to rename the iOS SIG. From now on it will be known as The App SIG. The focus is not going to be on the devices solely anymore and it seems more fitting to focus on what makes these devices so much fun and why we end up using them day to day – it’s all about the Apps.

I hope you all will join me this Saturday, August 12th, 2017 for the first embracing of the App SIG.