Apple announces keynote for September 12th

Apple has announces that they will be presenting a keynote for the first time ever at the Steve Jobs Theater at Apple’s newest campus in Cupertino, California. Many analysts, and historians, predict that this will be Apple taking time to introduce people to their newest campus that began design production when Steve Jobs was still alive as well as a redesign iPhone.

What’s New?

While Apple does keep things quiet until the official viewing, the next iPhone is rumored to have some new features added as well as some of iconic features removed. The biggest rumored addition is that the new iPhone will be mostly a screen on the front and thus ditching the home button that has been part of the iPhone from its very beginning. While it is not known if the fingerprint reader is gone or not, another rumor is that advanced facial recognition will take over for things like logging into the phone as well as for Apple Pay.

While faster, more internal storage and better camera are always expected from the flagship phone, an OLED screen will also be another big feature. OLED screens are more durable and damage resistance than their LCD counterparts. They also don’t need as much power to create better contrast and images on the screen. One other perk is that they can be design to be flexible and can be bent and curve creating many new possibilities when designing new products.

Anything else?

It is also expected we may see an improved version of the iPhone 7 with the “S” added to the name. Apple is known for keeping older designs but bumping their internals and selling them at cheaper price points. Many carriers like this as a freemium model of getting users into new contracts and using the flagship phones as a step up for those willing to pay.

We may also see an updated Apple TV. The Apple TV has been lagging behind competition like Roku and Apple may try to get momentum back by adding 4K video support as well as HDR, High Dynamic Range, and surround sound audio capabilities for those that have better screens and sound and what a media box that supports these type of features.

We may also see an Apple Watch that can make calls and work on an LTE network.

We’re also sure we will see the announcement of the next iOS and macOS which have been releasing updated build more frequently lately to developers as well as beta testers.