Why seeing thatgamecompany excites me

For those of you that watched Apple’s keynote on September 12th, you may have seen the game called Sky by the company called thatgamecompany. This may have been some of the most exciting and interesting games for me as thatgamecompany has been making games exclusively for large home consoles like the Sony Playstation and is now making gorgeous games on iOS and Apple TV.

The other thing that excites me is that thatgamecompany is known for making games that just about anyone can jump into and experience. Yes, you read that right – I said experience. One of the first games I’ve ever played by this company was a game called Flower where you are the wind and stroll through gorgeous landscapes trying to bloom the flowers around you. This game has no enemies, no timer – it became an experience and even a form of meditation for me.


thatgamecompany would soon follow-up with another game called Journey. In Journey you find yourself in a strange desert land with an inexpclicable desire to journey towards the mountain that begins the background at the start of the game. If playing online, the game would connect you with another person also playing but without the ability to see their name, where they are playing from and even the ability to talk to them. Communication with others is limited to making a tone sound that can be play short or long. Figuring ways to communicate and work with the other person is a unique experience each and every time.

Journey game

With Air announced coming soon to iOS and Apple TV, I am super excited to share a game from one of my favorite game design companies and share that games are a form of art and deserve to be enjoyed just like paintings. I hope you all will download Air and play it with me soon.