From our friend Tim Baker presenting January 13th at Apple Corps of Dallas:

As with many of you, I’ve been a Macintosh enthusiast since Steve’s unveiling of the 128k Mac. I’ve nearly drown in the “Cool Aid”! A friend of mine and myself gave birth to the “Cowtown Macintosh User Group” in Fort Worth back in 1989 and yes, we are still meeting! After retiring, I was an actually an Apple “Genius” at the Southlake Apple Store for a short time. Working for Apple retail was an awesome opportunity, but the pace was a tad difficult for an old dude to keep up with! It was kinda funny that most of my Apple coworkers were newborns around the time of the famous 1984 Super Bowl commercial. They found my stories of using early Macs interesting. My collection of Apple t-shirts, old software and antique Macs is driving my wife a little crazy. Anyway, after all these years, I still take every opportunity to promote Apple products whenever I can. I am indeed an Apple fanatic!

But sadly, I’m finding that I love more of what Apple “was” and not so much with what Apple has become without Steve. I still have hope that this might change someday.

Supporting my previous comment, back in April of 2017, Apple finally admitted that the new “trash can” MacPro was a mistake. In December of 2017, Apple released the beastly space grey iMac Pro “starting” at a mere $4,999.00. Wow, I’d love to own one, but unfortunately I just can not justify the cost. And finally, most, if not all, of the current Mac models do not allow the average user to perform any component replacement or upgrades. Including the brand new aforementioned iMac Pro! Well, that’s no fun! I’ve soooo been wanting to purchase a new Mac, both my MacBook Pro and iMac are getting very close to becoming obsolete! But being forced to purchase a “locked down” configuration, I’ve become super frustrated with Apple’s current offerings. The MacOS seems to be losing out to the iOS! I’m still not recommending upgrading to 10.13, High Sierra. And that’s not a good thing! The recent MacOS “root” password bug was frightening!

So, somewhat out of rebellion, I recently decided to experiment with building a “Hackintosh”. I had visited numerous websites offering “how to” instructions, resisted many times, but finally decided to commit the ultimate “Apple Sin” and try building one myself!

I’m excited to share the journey with all of you at the January 13th meeting! I hope to see everyone there and perhaps wear something “black” in support as we wonder over to the controversial “darker side!” for an hour or so.