About Our Group

The Apple Corps of Dallas (ACD) is the oldest Apple Computer User Group still in operation, established in January of 1978.

Our members are primarily from the Dallas and Fort Worth metroplex area. Our aim is to provide you with the latest information on your computer, to offer help in solving problems, to present forums for discussion, and to provide a protected resource of files for your downloading pleasure.

Don't got a Mac? No problem! We also assist users who just have iPhones and iPads.

Why Join?

Meet New People

Meet people who share your interests and passions. Find a group of friends with whom you can talk about the Mac or just hang out. Come to a monthly meeting or to one of our special events - or participate online in forums.

Save Time & Money

Apple Corps user group members receive exclusive benefits from a large number of companies. As a user group member, you can save money on software and new and used hardware from many of the top vendors.

Meet the Pros

You could be looking for professional contacts and networks. Meet people who run and manage area businesses, law practices, and medical centers, and discuss ways you can build relationships that are beneficial to all parties.

Find Resources

The Internet provides many answers and resources. However, nothing beats the personal connection of meeting with local Mac users and exploring the resources that are available -- from resellers to technical support to community activities.


Being a part of Apple Corps can help you make a difference in your community. On occasion we offer volunteer opportunities that include helping in area schools, community centers, or libraries.

Get Support

You've got questions. Apple Corps user group members have answers. Enhance your computer skills so you can take yourself to a new professional level. Or, create projects for your family or hobbies. User groups can help you work harder or play harder.

“I am very good at Googling for answers but The Apple Corps of Dallas enlightened me with answers to things I never thought to ask - or Google..."

- John Jones, current member

Where We Call Home

The Richardson Civic Center

We usually meet at The Richardson Civic Center near Arapaho and US 75 Central Expressway the second Saturday of the month starting at 9AM.

How It All Started

Our History by founder
R@y Thompson