the Mac SIG

the Mac SIG

Jonesy on an iPhoneAbout the SIG

The Mac SIG is about helping and answering questions regarding Apple’s software and hardware for the Mac lineup. This includes current software like macOSĀ “High Sierra” and the programs that are included with the Mac operating software that run on Macbook, Macbook Pro, iMac, Mac Pro, and our friend the Mac mini. We also cover focused topics like wireless networking, security on the web and every day use, along with tips and tricks to make using your Mac easier.

The Mac SIG alternates between first and last group meeting at our main meetings depending on the month. Please watch the main calendar page for more info.

About the SIG Leader

The Mac SIG is lead by Jonesy who has been a Mac user for nearly three decades and is well versed in the macOS software, creative software and multimedia software. Jonesy is an Apple Certified Technician and repairs PCs, including Macs, every day. Jonesy has worked for Apple under the AppleCare division and loves technology old and new.

Next Meeting Topic

Got an older Mac but the battery is not holding up anymore? Maybe its even expanding! We’re going to demo how to swap that battery out and what to look for if the battery has started to expand. Additionally, what is NEW in macOS “High Sierra”.