the App SIG

the App SIG

Jonesy on an iPhoneAbout the SIG

The App SIG is all about the applications that are already on iOS devices like iPhone and iPad. Additionally, we also cover apps that perform specific tasks and help in the field of health, navigation, entertainment and more! We also talk about Apple TV and Apple Watch in this group as well. Join us and ask questions or share your favorite apps from the App Store with your fellow Texans!

About the SIG Leader

The App SIG is lead by Jonesy who has been a iPhone user since the very beginning. Jonesy is well versed in iOS Apps and devices including iPad, Apple Watch, and Apple TV. Jonesy has worked with Apple under the AppleCare devision and is proficient in iOS troubleshooting and has replaced a battery or two in iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 models and hopefully soon the 6.

Next Meeting Topic

We’ll be talking about all what is new with iOS 11 on iPhone. Lots to cover to be sure to be here!